Definitions, Maintenance & Basic Tips

(28 Minute Run Time)


Award winning Video Workbench personality Jason Gares has gathered helpful information on the art of airbrushing. Starting with identifying different types of airbrushes, safety, maintenance, cleaning, paint mixing, tips & tricks, frequently asked questions and much more. This video is especially helpful if you're new to airbrushes and don't know where to start.


Here's what you'll learn in Airbrushing: Definitions, Maintenance & Basic Tips:

Find out the different types of airbrush models and how to choose the best kind for your needs, Learn about the proper way to use an airbrush and the proper ventilation that's needed, Maintain your airbrush with simple steps, Two different cleaning methods demonstrated, Paint mixing on a small scale, Basic airbrush hacks are touched on and Frequently asked questions are answered, plus much more.


About Instructor, Jason Gares:

Jason Gares is the owner, instructor, and host of Video Workbench. Jason has a background in graphic art, independent filmmaking and has been building and painting model kits for 30 years. He has won countless awards for his model kit creations, and has had material featured on Amazon, Curious and Vimeo video platforms. Jason also wrote instructional "How-to" model kit articles for two years in the U.K. publication Sci-fi & Fantasy Modeller.



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