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CypherCon is an annual hacker conference held in Wisconsin that provides hackers with an outlet to openly demonstrate and experience creativity and ingenuity through hands-on enlightening activities, thought provoking presentations and technical projects. 


Speakers were filmed at CypherCon 3.0 on April 12th & 13th, 2018 at the Wisconsin Convention Center. Learn more about this conference by clicking HERE.

(S1: E1) Hacking, Phreaking & Juvenile Delinquency | Joe Grand

In a time when tinkering with technology was a guarantee for ridicule and torment, a small group of curious explorers were connecting to computer systems, traversing the telephone network, and occasionally causing mischief. Joe shares unheard stories of his early days as a hacker, phone phreak, and troublemaker, following a rebellious path towards the eventual redirection of his passion for good.

Release Date: Jun 22, 2018

Language: English | CC | Runtime: 53 minutes

(S1: E2) Hacking a Better Tomorrow | Ben Heck

A self-taught hacker, modder and maker Benjamin Heckendorn - better known as Ben Heck is host of element14's The Ben Heck Show, a weekly web series in which Ben tackles fun and interesting projects across a wide range of topics. In this exclusive CypherCon 3.0 key note presentation, Ben discusses his beginnings, where he is today and how you can help hack a better tomorrow.

Release Date: Jul 6, 2018

Language: English | CC | Runtime: 44 minutes

(S1: E3) Forensics When You're Broke | Phil Cochran

Exploring the forensic methodology and tasks using free open source software. We won't be focusing on what tools are available, the focus of the presentation is explaining the methodology and where these tools fit in to the process to get the job done.

Release Date: Jul 20, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 43 minutes

(S1: E4) Hack in the Day | Brad Swanson

This talk will be about hacking/phreaking in the late 1980's, early 1990's, and what the scene was like back then compared to today. What was considered cutting edge back then has either changed or disappeared entirely. The general attitude around hacking, and hacking 'groups' has matured and evolved over the years. Some of the origins of how we got to where we are today is covered.

Release Date: Aug 3, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 41 minutes

(S1: E5) Developer Friendly Cryptography | Brice Williams

Brice Williams will look at some common cryptography usage errors and why popular libraries often fall short. He will also discuss nuances such as backwards compatibility, FIPS 140-2 validation, and weak standards such as JOSE/JWT that contribute to the overall confusion. Advice is also provided to ensure more secure cryptographic implementations are used.

Release Date: Aug 17, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 46 minutes

(S1: E6) Hacking Academia | Anita Nikolich

Anita will present some ideas about how three communities with different incentives, yet the same goals, can work together to shorten the time to discovery and overcome many of the obstacles that impeded progress in the sciences centuries earlier.

Release Date: Aug 31, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 29 minutes

(S1: E7) Attacking Wireless Devices with SDR | Caleb Madrigal

In this talk, we'll be exploring how wireless communication works. We'll capture digital data live (with Software-Defined Radio [SDR]), and see how the actual bits are transmitted. From here, we'll see how to view, listen to, manipulate, and replay wireless signals. We'll also look at interrupting wireless communication, and finally, we'll even generate new radio waves from scratch.

Release Date: Sep 14, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 40 minutes

(S1: E8) SOAR: Operating at Attacker Speed | Brian Genz & Ben Zimmerman

Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) enables defenders to operate at attacker speed by codifying detection and response expertise into automation playbooks. We will examine the core components of SOAR, skills required to design and implement it, common use cases in detection and response, and potential opportunities for security control testing in a defense-in-depth environment.

Release Date: Sep 28, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 51 minutes

(S1: E9) When Developers Fail to Secure | David Bryan

David has found some pretty stupid security mistakes. Blatantly overlooked controls, or flat out lazy system admins. David will show real-world examples of misuse & abuse, and improper data handling of passwords inside application code. We must remember a breech in one security system, can lead to a breach on another system because of the implicit trust relationships we build to get the job done.

Release Date: Oct 12, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 28 minutes

(S1: E10) What the Fungi? How to Grow Your Own Nootropics | Eric Zimmermann

Learn how mushrooms are medicinal and doing some amazing things like fighting cancer, boosting immunity, improving cognition, etc. In this presentation learn which compounds mushrooms produce that are medicinal and how you can easily grow them at home. We'll review the latest research from clinical trials and unveil the low cost, high yield techniques gleaned from anonymous mushroom cultivators.

Release Date: Oct 26, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 21 minutes

Hackers of CypherCon | Season 1.0

(S1: E11) Text Mining: Reading Between the Lines | John Platais

"Read between the lines" usually refers to one's ability to infer hidden meaning from text. This talk will look at the tools and efforts needed for "Text Mining". Using data mining techniques to infer meaning, misconceptions, or hidden agendas from common documents. Learn a general understanding of the process along with a list of tools & services to start text mining right away.

Release Date: Nov 9, 2018
Language: English | Runtime: 34 minutes

(S1: E12) SAEDY | Subversion & Espionage Directed Against You | Judy Towers

Espionage is the practice of secretly gathering information about a foreign government or a competing industry, with the objective of placing one's own government or corporation at a strategic or financial advantage. Presenting case examples of military and industrial espionage, Judy illustrates how tricks of the spy trade are parleyed against ordinary individuals every day.

Release Date: Nov 23, 2018
Language: English | Runtime: 53 minutes

(S1: E13) The Arms Race | Ken Grigas

United States military veteran Ken Grigas talks about his time in service during the "Cold War" between the Unites States and U.S.S.R

Release Date: Dec 7, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 39 minutes

(S1: E14) Alice in ICSLand | Lesley Carhart & Mark Stacey

The past decade has made it clear that threats of cyber attacks on Industrial Control Systems (ICS) is real, and poses a fundamental risk to our way of life. The demand of ICS security professionals far exceeds the supply. Mark and Lesley of Dragos Inc. will provide an overview of some great ways to learn about the operational and technical aspects of ICS networks without breaking the bank.

Release Date: Dec 21, 2018

Language: English | Runtime: 54 minutes

(S1: E15) How to “Theoretically” Kill a Continent | Michelle Meas

The human body is terrifyingly vulnerable. With the rise of novel gene-editing techniques and our increasing knowledge of genomics, we are forced to confront the idea of a microscopic enemy. This talk will explore the not-so-theoretical aftermath of an unchecked pandemic of unknown origin, the monsters we created in our own medical hubris, and the ever-present threat of bio-terrorism.

Release Date: Jan 1, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 58 minutes

(S1: E16) Embedding Security | Mike "Shecky" Kavka

Sequestered, cordoned off, separated, even out of touch. These words have been used by plenty of non-infosec folks. From Dev teams to Admins, Sales people and more, we get looked at as these mystical people who say nO! The people who are stopping others from doing their job. Maybe it is time for our team to take a different approach...

Release Date: Jan 18, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 20 minutes

(S1: E17) Handshakes & Hashes, Plucking Passwords from Thin Air | Robert Reif & Shannon Fritz

New developments in Hashcat have brought some new WiFi attack techniques to light. We've taken concepts from classic WiFi attacks, added a little special sauce, and created a whole new attack vector for WiFi devices everywhere. All it takes is a friendly introduction and a little cracking time to gain access to protected networks. Come get some code and that uneasy feeling of being vulnerable.

Release Date: Feb 1, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 50 minutes

(S1: E18) Hidden in Plain Sight, Steganography & Digital Watermarking | Ryan Fox

Steganography is the practice of hiding a message "in plain sight" inside an image, video, sound, text, or file. The practice goes back centuries, and in recent years has seen a rise in use for digital watermarking. It can be used for communication, leak prevention, or copyright protection. We'll look at techniques, analysis, and detection through the lens of digital watermarking.

Release Date: Feb 15, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 23 minutes

(S1: E19) An Interdisciplinary View of Risk, Applications for Security | Susan Lincke

In 2016, 791,820,040 data records were breached in the United States, which averages two breaches per American. France, Canada and Taiwan also encountered breaches above or near their population levels - or double it. This begs the question: are we doing and spending enough for security? This study of ethical risk considers how to calculate risk and engineer solutions for this new environment.

Release Date: Mar 1, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 37 minutes

(S1: E20) Hack Dumberly Not Smarterer | Tim Medin

Tim Medin discuss the dumbest red team tricks and hacks encountered over the years. We are going to take the A out of APT, because so few attackers really need to use advanced techniques. We'll also discuss the simple defenses that make an attacker's life much more difficult.

Release Date: Mar 15, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 31 minutes

(S1: E21) Crypt-Oh No | Zach Grace

Even when the right crypto primitives are chosen, subtle programming mistakes can lead to issues with the efficacy of the encryption. This presentation is aimed at helping developers avoid common cryptography pitfalls when encrypting sensitive data by giving guidance on what algorithms to choose and identifying common implementation issues observed in real-world applications.

Release Date: Mar 29, 2019

Language: English | Runtime: 43 minutes

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